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Known affectionately by her clients and fans as @CoachDeb since Twitter was born. Dubbed “The Twitter Queen” by her friends poking fun of her when she predicted the mainstream use of Twitter by Celebrities and even… Presidents back in 2006. #DontKillTheMessenger
Now she’s known as the CEO’s secret weapon when it comes to Influence Marketing with social media campaigns that get results. Her formal education is in Psychology. Combine that with her underground education in influence and persuasion, she’s One Dangerous Woman when it comes to creating marketing campaigns that go viral online

Can We Brag For A Bit?
Here are a Few Things You May Want to Know About @CoachDeb:

Social Media Strategist since the days of My-Space.
Yeah, That’s Right. MySpace. Yes, She’s THAT old. #DontTellAnyone

Predicted the Social Media Revolution back in 2002

Wrote The 1st Book on Social Media Influence in 2004
“Secrets of Online Persuasion”
Predicting the Mainstream Use of Blogs, Vlogs and Podcasts when YouTube 1st Came On The Scene

Wrote the 1st Book on Twitter in 2006
“Twitter Revolution”
Twitter Revolution has since become a Movie Produced and Broadcast by NBC Television

1st Author for Entrepreneur Magazine on Social Media Marketing
Had to Convince The Editor of the Magazine That Blogs “Weren’t Just a Cute Word” and Would Be Used By Business Owners Worldwide

Executive Producer of An Award Winning TV Reality Show

National TV Show Host broadcast in 65 million homes in the U.S
Oh Don’t Get Me Started On The Drama That Is A TV Show

Yes, Even though Deb Cole likes to believe she’s still in her 20’s, she’s actually kinda old, and accomplished an amazing amount as a Pioneer of Social Media and running her own Company since 1999. (We’ll let you do the Math.)i
Deborah Cole May Have Been A Trend Predictor Since She was Actually Still in Her 20’s…

Deborah foresees the future of business trends & sets up companies with strategies to succeed in an ever changing social marketplace so they are FIRST to market.i

Learn More Ways @CoachDeb Can Help You In Your Business to Grow Your Brand Into Celebrity Status In This Video Interview On The Popular Podcast: Bacon Wrapped Business:

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